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Cure Extra Oil Cleansing 200ml

Cure Extra Oil Cleansing 200ml

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New sensation! Moisturizing oil cleansing.
For those who want to remove makeup but are concerned about the dryness of oil cleansing, "Extra Oil Cleansing" uses enzymes to break down makeup that has gotten into pores and keratin crevices, along with keratin plugs and dead skin cells. It also removes oil from the skin.
In addition, it does not remove too much oil from the skin and prevents the skin from drying out after use.
It contains beautiful skin enzymes, moisturizing ingredients, and beauty ingredients to prevent skin from drying out after use.

<<It can also be used on wet hands, face and in the bath.
The enzyme*1 lifts make-up from pores and dead skin cells and blends it with the oil to create an oil cleanser that is easy on the skin.
This oil cleanser does not remove too much oil from the skin and prevents the skin from drying out after use.
Contains beautiful skin enzymes*1, moisturizing ingredients*2, and beauty ingredients*3
Can be used on wet hands and face, even in the bath.
No fragrance, colorant, mineral oil, alcohol, paraben, or petroleum surfactants.
Unique enzyme stabilization process
1 Protease (cleansing ingredient)
2 Olive fruit oil, squalane, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, honey, sodium hyaluronate, ceramide NG, succinoyl atelocollagen
3 Crataegus root extract, wild thyme extract, peach leaf extract, lily-of-the-valley extract, noibara fruit extract, superoxide dismutase

How to use

Apply a small amount (about 3 pushes) to your hands and blend well with makeup, then add a small amount of water or lukewarm water and blend thoroughly.
This product can be used even if your face and hands are wet, but if your hair is very wet after washing, please dry your skin lightly before use.
We recommend washing your face with a cleanser after use.