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ACSEINE Moist Balance Gel 50g

ACSEINE Moist Balance Gel 50g

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Melt. It fills you up. Freshness all the way.
A moisturizing gel with a pleasant feel.

When the gel comes into contact with the skin, it changes into a water-like substance that melts into the skin*1, keeping it fresh and moisturized.
Contains Cerami Factor*2, a skin conditioning ingredient that works together with ceramide.
Sustained aqua feeder" that keeps moisture in the stratum corneum.

1 To the stratum corneum
2 Ascorbyl tetra hexyl decanoate, sodium tocopheryl phosphate
Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free, alcohol (ethanol)-free, and non-comedogenic tested (This does not mean that all people will not experience skin problems or develop acne (comedones).

How to use

Use two to three pearls. Use morning and night. After toning the skin, apply to the entire face.
Finally, protect with milky lotion or cream.