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ACSEINE Nourishing Gel AD 20g

ACSEINE Nourishing Gel AD 20g

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Rich moisturizing, ideal for nighttime moisturizing of sensitive skin.
Oil- and emulsifier-free gel type.

This gel replenishes moisture in the stratum corneum and protects the skin by creating a water-based protective film. For nighttime skincare. A high moisturizing effect protects skin from dryness and irritation while sleeping.
Contains sodium hyaluronate (moisture retention ingredient).

Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free, surfactant-free, paraben-free, alcohol (ethanol) free.
(This does not mean that this product will not cause skin problems for all people.

How to use

Use 2 to 3 pushes. Use at the end of your nightly skincare routine.


Water|Glycerin|BG|Na Hyaluronate|Carbomer|Xanthan Gum|Na Hydroxide|Phenoxyethanol|Caramel