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ACSENE Skin Lotion Ⅱ 200ml

ACSENE Skin Lotion Ⅱ 200ml

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The stratum corneum is becoming increasingly dry.
Replenishes moisture in the dry stratum corneum.

Refreshing type (200ml)
The first hypoallergenic, alcohol (ethanol)-free lotion. It provides plenty of moisture to the dry and sensitive stratum corneum and keeps the skin healthy.
It is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free, surfactant-free, and alcohol (ethanol)-free.
(This does not mean that this product will not cause skin problems for all people.

How to use

Use one or two 500-yen coins for an appropriate amount. Use morning and evening after cleansing.


Water|BG|PEG-40|Na Hydroxide|Carbomer|Citric Acid|Na Citrate|Phenoxyethanol|Methylparaben