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Ajinomoto Yasashio(180g bag) Salt

Ajinomoto Yasashio(180g bag) Salt

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"Health Salt Yasashio 180g is a light salt made with seawater salt from the Setouchi region of Japan, with half the salt content. The salt is made from seawater from Bizen Okayama in the Setouchi region, and potassium salt is added to the salt. Easy to use, silky type. It can be used on the table for cooking, just like conventional salt.


Seasoning (inorganic salt, etc.)(53%)
Magnesium carbonate (1%)
Polyglutamic acid

Nutritional Information

(per 100g)
Energy: 1.6 kcal
Protein 0.4g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 0g
Sodium 18.1g
Salt equivalent 46.0g
Potassium 27.6g
Magnesium 220mg