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ALBION EXCIA AL Whitening Rich Milk SV 200g

ALBION EXCIA AL Whitening Rich Milk SV 200g

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Supple and comfortable bounce. With a velvety touch, it envelops you in a veil of clear moisture. With a velvety touch, this rich medicated whitening emulsion envelops the skin in a veil of clear moisture, moisturizing it and giving it a radiant glow and supple firmness. The whitening active ingredients penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, suppressing melanin production and preventing spots and freckles while guiding the skin to a bright, clear complexion. <For normal to oily skin.

Whitening is the process of suppressing melanin production to prevent sun spots and freckles.

What is Albion's milky lotion?

What is Albion's milky lotion? "After washing your face, use a milky lotion first. That was Albion's answer. Because we want to deliver what makes freshly washed, clean skin most happy first. This is the Albion way of skincare that has been arrived at without being bound by common sense or rules. We deliver beauty that starts with emulsion, which has not changed since our founding.

Why after cleansing? What freshly washed skin needs most is the moisture that it already has. Albion's emulsions are made with an ideal balance of moisture, oil, and moisturizing ingredients that are close to the moisture of the stratum corneum. If you give your skin what it needs most after cleansing, it will easily penetrate into the stratum corneum and maintain the moisture balance, keeping your skin healthy and soft.

Basic daily skincare in the Albion style STEP1 Face wash (cleansing and cleanser) Remove makeup and sebum to cleanse the skin.