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Luster and firmness. A multi-use, golden oil. For skin that is prone to flaky, irritated skin. A multi-use oil that fills the skin (stratum corneum) with moisture and makes it look fresh and radiant. Contains "Inkao Mega Oil "*1, the gold of the jungle, and "Golden Jojoba Oil "*2, the gold of the desert. It helps smooth and tone rough and rough skin. 1 Purkenethia volvillis seed (emollient) *2 Jojoba seed oil (emollient)

What is Albion's Herbal Oil? A multi-use beauty oil that has won numerous cosmetic awards since its launch in 2003. A golden drop of this oil can be used for both face and body. Be soothed by the soothing fragrance. The blessings of plants that have survived the jungle and desert lead to moisturized, glowing skin.

Two oils that bring out the beauty of your skin. "Inkao Mega Oil," a rare ingredient known as "jungle gold, "*1 is extracted from the seeds of the Amazonian sachainch tree. It is expected to have great beauty effects such as preventing skin irritation. "Golden jojoba oil*2 is the first-pressed, filtered oil from high-quality jojoba seeds, carefully pressed without heat. This precious gift of nature is known as the "gold of the desert" and provides moisture to the skin. 1Brukenetia volvillis seed oil (emollient) 2Jojoba seed oil (emollient)

The delightful appeal of Inca Omega Oil Moist, soft, comfortable and smooth skin afterwards

Seasonal and environmental resistance! Skin that is free from worry

Healthy, vibrant skin that glows as soon as you apply it

Since it is a multi-use oil that polishes the entire body, you can use it in any way you like, from two to three drops for daily care to a generous teaspoon for special care. In addition, the light and smooth oil can be used for body care and hair care. The light and smooth oil can be used for both body care and hair care. It goes on easily and spreads everywhere, enveloping you in its moisturizing and comforting fragrance.