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SPTM SEPTEM ELTEO SOAP [Refill] 100g *Soap case sold separately

SPTM SEPTEM ELTEO SOAP [Refill] 100g *Soap case sold separately

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A medicated facial soap that cleanses the skin, leaving it fresh and clear.
The fine, rich lather comfortably envelops the skin and cleanses away dead skin cells and sebum. The soap is dried and matured for about 60 days in a frame-kneading process.
Japanese and Chinese plant extracts* work to gently cleanse while protecting the skin, while at the same time reducing excessive sebum secretion and hot spots, leading to smooth and fine skin.

Contains glycyrrhizinic acid 2K (active ingredient), which is quasi-drug approved for its anti-inflammatory properties. It cleanses the skin and prevents acne and skin irritation.

White birch extract: Moisturizing action

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