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ARTISTIC&CO Dr. Arrivo the Zeus Swarovski Ver

ARTISTIC&CO Dr. Arrivo the Zeus Swarovski Ver

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Beauty beats "MFIP®" (Patented Patent No. 5872741)
MFIP refers to mid-frequency intermittent pulses. By intermittently applying Ultra Pulse, you can expect to feel the same as the acupressure and tapping performed by an esthetician.

Ultra Pulse®" delivers beauty
Insert pulse (*), EMS, and medium and high frequency are output from four elements simultaneously.
The insert pulse provides painless electrical pulses to replenish the essence of the serum applied to the skin and maximize its effect.

Medium and high frequency" to embrace beauty
Warm up your skin gently. Gentle 90 kHz high-frequency waves are used to ensure that there is no burden on the skin.

LED" leads to confidence in beauty
The treatment with light wavelengths supports the creation of healthy skin.
Full LED: For those with multiple concerns
Red LED: For those who feel skin fatigue due to age
Green LED: For those who feel skin stress and uneven skin tone
Blue LED: For people with acne and skin problems
Blue LED: For acne and other skin problems ・Blinking LED: To support the penetration of serum by using it as a final touch to the treatment

EMS" for beauty
A weak alternating current flows repeatedly between the four poles of the device, creating a micro wave. The gentle waves work on the facial muscles.

Specifications and Standards

* Power Rating :
Power Rating: . Input: AC: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Rating: . Output DC: 12V, 1.5A
* Power Consumption: 12W max.
* Output frequency: 90kHz
* LED wavelength: Blue 415nm(+-10nm) / Green 530nm(+-10nm) / Red 620nm(+-10nm)
* Size: 186×51×50mm
* Weight: about 150g
* Timer: 10 minutes

Accessories: User's manual and warranty card, AC adapter, dedicated stand