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Asahi Group Foods golden ginger honey throat lozenges 80g

Asahi Group Foods golden ginger honey throat lozenges 80g

Asahi Group
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This is a throat lozenge made by combining golden ginger from Kochi Prefecture, which is characterized by its bright golden color, strong aroma and pungent flavor, and domestic honey, which has a mild and gentle sweetness.
The candy is made by kneading grated Kochi golden ginger into the candy batter and the paste in the center, so that you can enjoy the moderate spiciness and rich aroma of ginger.
The package features a glossy design in golden color, the color of golden ginger and honey.

Asahi Group Foods Corporation

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Syrup, sugar, reduced syrup, ginger paste (golden ginger from Kochi Prefecture), edible oils and fats, honey (domestic), herb extract, sweetener (sorbitol), flavoring, acidulant, coloring (gardenia, caramel color), emulsifier

Nutritional information
Energy: 297 kcaL
Protein ... 0g
Fat ... 0.61g
Sodium ... 0mg

Allergic substances

Cautions for use

The amount of paste may vary.
Black dots may be seen in the candy. There may be some black spots inside the candy, but they are derived from the ingredients and do not pose a quality problem.
Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.