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Asahi Group Foods Mintir Breeze Crystal Silver 30 grains

Asahi Group Foods Mintir Breeze Crystal Silver 30 grains

Asahi Group
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Mintia Breeze Crystal Silver is a large mint tablet that offers the delicious taste of mint and a strong, lasting cool sensation. It is a new type of mint tablet with a clear, less sweet taste and a strong cool sensation.
One tablet provides a long-lasting cool sensation for 5 minutes.
A thin, portable plastic container that won't look bulky in a clothing pocket.

Asahi Group Foods Corporation

Ingredients / Raw materials

Sweetener (sorbitol, aspartame L-phenylalanine compound), flavor, sucrose ester, silicon microoxide
Nutritional information: per product (22g)
Energy: 69kcal, Protein: 0g, Fat: 0 to 0.8g, Carbohydrate: 21g, Salt equivalent: 0g

Precautions for use

If consumed in large quantities at one time, it may cause stomach upset depending on your constitution.
Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.

Storage and handling precautions

Store away from high temperature and high humidity.