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Asahi Group Foods MINTIA Tasty Berry & Berry 15g

Asahi Group Foods MINTIA Tasty Berry & Berry 15g

Asahi Group
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Rich taste and refreshing feeling.
Sugar-free and contains vitamin C.


Sweetener (sorbitol, aspartame L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K), acidulant, silicon microoxide, flavoring, sucrose ester, V.C, color (anthocyanin, safflower yellow)

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional information (per 1 product (15g))
Energy ... 50kcaL
Protein ... 0.060g
Fat ... 0.06 to 0.6g
Salt equivalent ... 0.0026g
Vitamin C ... 92mg

Precautions for use

If consumed in large quantities at one time, it may cause stomach upset depending on your constitution.
Please be careful not to damage your teeth due to the hardness of the product.
The tablets have a raspberry flavor. The tablet contains raspberry flavor chips (crushed candy).

Storage and handling precautions

Store away from high temperature and high humidity.