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ASTALIFT  Fujifilm Perfect UV Protector 30g

ASTALIFT Fujifilm Perfect UV Protector 30g

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Contains D-UV Guard(*1), a UV blocking ingredient. With the highest level of protection (PA++++), it prevents sun spots and freckles caused by sun exposure. Beauty ingredients support the skin. The make-up effect helps brighten and tone the skin.
*1 Titanium dioxide, t-butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane (UV protective agent)
<SPF50+ ・PA++++>

Since it contains plenty of beauty ingredients, it not only provides UV protection, but also acts as a beauty essence for use during the day when damage occurs. It also contains light-analyzing powder, so it can be used as a makeup base to prepare the skin.

Moisturizing ingredients
Three types of collagen
Aloe Vera leaf extract