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ASISSIA Lisbue Pur Essence 30m

ASISSIA Lisbue Pur Essence 30m

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For soft, moist skin with a glowing complexion. A rich combination of beauty ingredients and plant extracts in this concentrated serum leads to the skin as soft and fine as chiffon.

Indications ・ Effects

Skin conditioning: Madonna Lily Root Extract, Prune Degradation Product, Melissa Leaf Extract
Firming: Resveratrol, Mulberry flower/leaf/stem extract, Ghetto leaf extract, Alteromonas ferment extract, Glycyrrhizinic acid 2K
Moisturizing: Yeast extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin, polyglutamic acid, Fragaria tyroensis fruit extract
Vitamin] niacinamide, ascorbyl glucoside

Directions for use

Dispense an appropriate amount into your hands and carefully apply to all parts of your face.