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AXXZIA Age Theory Trial Kit

AXXZIA Age Theory Trial Kit

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Balancing Lotion 20mL x 1 bottle
Moisturize your skin with freshness and extreme comfort
This balancing lotion is the first step in the Age Theory skincare regimen.
It contains ingredients that improve the clarity and texture of your skin, leading to glowing, fresh skin. The texture blends easily into the stratum corneum.

Moist Veil Emulsion 20mL x 1 bottle
Lightly wraps around the skin to make it radiant
This emulsion is the finishing touch to the Age Theory skincare regimen.
In addition to ingredients that improve clarity and texture, it contains ceramide, a moisture-protecting ingredient. It protects the skin and leads to clearer skin. Use after the Age Theory Gel Mask for a more supple feeling the next morning.

Gel Mask 3.0g x 3 pcs
Skincare even while you sleep. A luxurious treat for your skin before bedtime.
A non-rinsing gel mask that can be used in a portioned form to keep your skin fresh.
Three botanically-derived firming ingredients* and a veil of moisturizing ingredients envelop your skin while you sleep, leaving you with firmer skin and better makeup application the next morning.
Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Saxifrage Extract

Clarifying Essence 1mL x 3 bottles
This serum melts into the skin the moment it is applied, and the three plant-derived firming ingredients*1 and four moisturizing ingredients*2 bring out a vibrant glow.
1 Horse chestnut seed extract, St. John's wort seed extract, Saxifrage extract
2 Ascorbyl glucoside, Hydrolyzed rice bran extract, Gentian root extract, Maguwa root bark extract

Directions for use

After cleansing and toning, dispense an appropriate amount of Balancing Lotion onto both hands and gently apply to face.
2. Take a bottle of Clarifying Essence (serum) and gently apply to your face.
3. Take 1 potion of gel mask in both hands and gently apply to your face.
4. Take a small amount of Moist Veil Emulsion (milky lotion) in both hands and apply to face.