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AXXZIA : Age Theory Washing Foam 100g

AXXZIA : Age Theory Washing Foam 100g

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Mellow lather removes dirt and leaves a moist feeling.
Leaves you with a moist, chunky Suhada texture.

Product Features
1. Creates a dense lather that gently envelops the skin for a moist, chunky finish.
The face wash serves as a base for the next skincare step, so it is important to create a gentle lather that does not burden the skin. Age Theory Washing Foam creates fluffy and elastic foam without the need for a net, and its dense lather gently envelops the skin to remove dirt without burdening the skin. In addition, it leaves the skin well moisturized, leaving it feeling moisturized and chunky.

2. Contains 6 carefully selected plant-derived beauty ingredients (*). With a lovely fruit scent, you can enjoy a relaxing facial cleansing time.
AG THEORY Washing Foam contains 6 carefully selected plant-derived beauty ingredients(*). While washing your face, it delivers the beauty ingredients(*) from the power of plants to your skin (up to the stratum corneum). The gorgeous and dainty fruit fragrance common to the Age Theory series invites you to a moment of splendor during your face washing time.
Skin-softening ingredients (nemunoki bark extract, bilberry leaf extract, yuzu fruit extract), firming ingredients (horse chestnut seed extract, plantain seed extract), glowing ingredients (saxifrage extract)