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AXXZIA Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium

AXXZIA Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium

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A new type of eye sheet that can treat the entire eye area, even the upper eyelids, with premium care from all directions for an age-defying look.

A new type of sheet that can care for the entire eye area The eyelids, which have a particularly large impact on the impression of the eye area, are vulnerable to daily damage due to aging and other factors such as a decline in the skin's ability to retain moisture, the effects of makeup such as eye shadow, and friction from cleansing. However, until now, eye sheets have generally been used to care for the under-eye area.

To address this issue, AXISIA BEAUTY EYES ESSENCE SHEET PREMIUM has adopted an all-round eye round sheet*1 that matches the shape of the eye area. This new sheet can cover the upper eyelid and the triangular area on the cheeks, where the skin is thin and elasticity is likely to decline. The 0.3mm ultra-thin sheet, which is highly adhesive and does not drip easily, fits perfectly around the eye area, even if it is uneven and fine.

1 The shape of the original Axe Zia sheet.


The entire eye area can be cared for in one action. A new shape that surrounds the entire eye area.
The 0.3mm ultra-thin sheet adheres to the fine irregularities around the eyes.
The cotton linter material (100% cottonseed hair) is gentle on the skin and has high moisture retention and does not drip easily.
Dignified radiance and firmness Innovative mineral complex ingredients After much trial and error for the delicate and thin skin around the eyes, we arrived at the "Triple Mineral Complex*2". This mineral complex consists of magnesium, copper, and zinc. Minerals are essential for the human body, and magnesium, copper, and zinc are thought to be closely related to the skin. By supplementing these three minerals in an optimal balance, it brings out the natural beauty of the skin.

Support ingredients that work to address the complex problems around the eyes Contain perilla extract to tighten lackluster skin, hawthorn extract to address dryness and damage caused by friction, and eyebright extract to moisturize and brighten the eye area. These carefully selected botanical ingredients provide fresh moisture and firmness to the delicate eye area.