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AXXZIA Beauty Force Airy Face Mask 28pcs

AXXZIA Beauty Force Airy Face Mask 28pcs

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Face Mask with Silk

Light adhesion, airy sensation. A face mask (sheet mask) containing silk that gently covers the skin and retains the moisture of beauty is born! The silk-based sheet material is filled with a serum (20ml per sheet) that provides firmness, luster, and moisture. This mask is light and comfortable to wear, yet offers the ultimate in beauty with a soothing feeling of high-quality adhesion. Light and comfortable to wear: We have challenged the limits of thinness to pursue light and comfortable feel. Excellent liquid retention: The thickening formula of the serum stays firmly in the gaps between the silk fibers. Excellent adherence: The thinness of the product and its high liquid retention properties create a sense of adherence. Gentle skin feels: Gentle skin feels as if you were wearing a luxurious silk material directly on your skin.

Usage and dosage

28 sheets (20ml per sheet, 7 sheets per pack)

How to use

1. After toning your skin, remove the mask from the bag and peel off the protective sheet. 2. Place the mask over your face, aligning it with your eyes and mouth, and press down lightly to apply. 3. Apply moisturizing gel or cream to your face to finish.