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BCL momopuri moisturizing lotion refill 180ml

BCL momopuri moisturizing lotion refill 180ml

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"Contains lactic acid bacteria*1 and peach ceramide*2 to be applied."
Lactic Acid Bacteria to Apply...Contains lactic acid bacteria for skin moisture. Continue to use daily for well-conditioned skin.
Peach ceramide...Contains peach ceramide made from domestic peaches. Peach ceramide is made from Japanese peaches.
Moisturizing and dense skin lotion
Moist type
Slightly peachy scent
1 Enterococcus faecalis *2 Phytosteryl glucoside/glucosylceramide (all of the above are moisturizing)

Directions for use

After cleansing, dispense an appropriate amount onto the palm of your hand or a cotton pad and apply to your face.