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BCL momopuri moisturizing dense serum 3mL x 8 pcs

BCL momopuri moisturizing dense serum 3mL x 8 pcs

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8 days of intensive care! Contains lactic acid bacteria (*2) and peach ceramide (*3) for moisturized and elastic skin! From the popular "MOMOPURI" series comes an introduction serum that leads to healthy skin through daily use. A single application before applying lotion or masks improves the skincare effect. A fresh container is used for each use. Individually wrapped, it is convenient to carry around. Limited quantity only. 2 Enterococcus faecalis *3 Phytosteryl glucoside / Glucosyl ceramide (all moisturizing) Size W7cm x D3.1cm x H16.2cm Capacity 3mL x 8 Product Characteristics <Serum>.

How to use

Cut the pack open and peel it off from the unglued part.
Take the entire amount in your hands and blend it into your skin.
If you feel it is too sticky, blend it in thoroughly with your hands for a while.
Special care is recommended before applying lotion or mask.