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24K beauty stick

24K beauty stick

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It is a facial machine that leads your skin to normalcy with pure gold power and 7000 times beauty vibration. There is a beauty effect of the power of ions emitted from pure gold. The beauty vibration increases metabolism, improves blood circulation, and restores the organizing function. Waterproof even though it is an electric type.

Size: Body: Length 145mm, Diameter 16mm
Head: Length 25mm, Diameter 15mm
Weight: approx. 90g (including batteries)
Material: Brass, aluminum
Material: Brass, Aluminum ●Battery: AA dry cell 1pc.
Weight: 90g (including batteries) ●Material: Brass, aluminum ●Battery: 1 AA battery ●Set contents: main unit, 1 AA manganese dry cell battery, special storage bag, user's manual

How to use

For facials
Lightly apply the beauty bar and slowly work from bottom to top, from inside to outside for easy care.

For hand care
The back of the hands are also an important part of anti-aging care. The back of the hands are also an important point for anti-aging care.

Pinpoint Care
The round tip of the beauty bar can be used to pinpoint narrow areas such as the sides of the nose.

For areas of concern
Simply place the tip of the beauty bar on the area of concern and lightly press for 2-3 seconds.