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BIJU (Otabe) Yatsuhashi cans (24 pieces) [Otabe]

BIJU (Otabe) Yatsuhashi cans (24 pieces) [Otabe]

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Kyoto's famous confectionery, Yatsuhashi.
A traditional baked cake with a simple, fragrant smell of nigiri, loved for over 300 years.

Name: Yatsuhashi
Ingredients: rice flour, sugar, nikki, soybean flour
Contents: 8 bags (24 pieces)
Shelf life: 45 days including shipping date
Storage: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
Calorific value: 302Kcal (per can)


Specified raw materials
Products containing wheat, eggs, and milk are produced in this product manufacturing plant.

Storage and Handling Precautions

The can is hinged on the lid.