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Calbee /  Jagarico Cheese

Calbee / Jagarico Cheese

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Cheddar and Camembert cheeses are kneaded into blanched sweet potatoes. You can enjoy the richness of the cheese and the mild aftertaste.


Potatoes (non-genetically modified), vegetable oil, cheddar cheese, whey powder (dairy product), salt, powdered vegetable oil, processed cheese, Camembert cheese powder, white pepper, yeast extract powder/emulsifier (contains soybeans), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), carotenoid color, flavor, hydroxide Ca, antioxidant (V.C)

Nutritional Information

Energy: 291kcal, Protein: 5.1g, Fat: 14.5g, Carbohydrate: 34.9g, Sodium: 344mg, Salt equivalent: 0.9g

Precautions for use

To avoid choking, chew a little at a time and take well. Take care especially with small children. Ingredients that fall under the seven allergens required to be listed under the Food Sanitation Law and the 20 allergens recommended to be listed are indicated. For more information about other allergens, please contact our Customer Service Center at 0120-55-8570 (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays).

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