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Calbee /  Jagarico Jaga Butter

Calbee / Jagarico Jaga Butter

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This product recreates the taste of "Jaga Butter," which is made by putting butter* on blanched potatoes. The flavor of the potatoes matches the richness of the butter. The unique manufacturing process gives it a pleasant crispy texture at first and then crunchy later.
Hokkaido butter is used.

This stick-type snack has a pleasant "crispy first and crunchy later" texture due to a unique manufacturing method. This snack has the taste of "potato butter", which is made by steaming potatoes and topping them with butter. By kneading "arashio" (sea salt) in with the butter, a moderate saltiness enhances the richness of the butter and matches the flavor of the potatoes. The deliciousness of this product has made many people say, "If I start eating it, I won't be able to stop eating Kirin! "The cup type is convenient to carry around.


Potatoes (non-genetically modified), vegetable oil, whey powder (dairy product), vegetable oil powder (containing soybeans), reduced sugar syrup, butter (100% from Hokkaido), salt (arajio), cream (dairy product), lactose, sugar, dextrin, parsley/emulsifier, flavoring, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), antioxidant ( V.C)

Nutritional Information

Energy: 292kcal, Protein: 3.1g, Fat: 14.5g, Carbohydrate: 37.2g, Sodium: 291mg, Salt equivalent: 0.7g

Precautions for use

To avoid choking, chew a little at a time and take well. Take care especially with small children. Ingredients that fall under the seven allergens required to be listed under the Food Sanitation Law and the 20 allergens recommended to be listed are indicated. For other allergens, please contact the following Customer Service Center: 0120-55-8570 (9:00-17:00 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays)

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