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Calbee /  Jagarico Jaga butter L size x 12 pcs.

Calbee / Jagarico Jaga butter L size x 12 pcs.

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This is a long and large size jagarico. You can enjoy a pleasant crispy texture at first and then a crunchy texture later. The salt is kneaded in with the butter to create a flavor that matches the potatoes.


Dairy ingredients, soybeans

Ingredients: Potatoes (non-genetically modified), vegetable oil, whey powder, powdered vegetable oil and fat, reduced sugar syrup, salt, butter (100% from Hokkaido), cream, powdered butter, lactose, sugar, dextrin, parsley/emulsifier (containing soybeans), flavoring, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), antioxidant (V.C.)

Storage and handling precautions

Storage and handling precautions: After opening the package, please consume as soon as possible.
Please be careful of the edge of the lid.
Do not use in a microwave oven.
Do not store in direct sunlight or in high temperatures or humidity.