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Calbee Kappa Ebisen 90g

Calbee Kappa Ebisen 90g

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Whole natural shrimp in the shell!
That's why it tastes so good. That's why it tastes so good, and that's why it contains calcium.
A variety of tasty flavors with an irresistible taste and crunchy texture!
"Introducing a variety of delicious flavors that you can't stop eating!

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Wheat flour, vegetable oil, starch, shrimp, sugar, salt, leavening agent, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), sweetener (licorice), coloring (red yeast malt, paprika)

Wheat, shrimp

Nutritional Information

Per 90g bag
Energy ... 442kcal
Protein ... 5.9g
Fat ... 19.6g
Carbohydrate ... 60.6g
Sodium ... 846mg
(Salt equivalent ... 2.1g)
Calcium ... 113mg