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Calbee Potato Chips Crisp Consommé Punch 115g x 6pcs

Calbee Potato Chips Crisp Consommé Punch 115g x 6pcs

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Calbee's crispy, tubular potato chips can be enjoyed anywhere. Flavored with consommé, Calbee's signature flavor.
The container is easy to carry and has a plastic cap that snaps shut.
Enjoy the pleasant texture and delicious taste that only Calbee can offer.


Dried potatoes (non-genetically modified), vegetable oil, salt, cornstarch, sugar, chicken consommé powder (containing wheat, soybeans, and pork), beef consommé powder, spice powder, onion extract powder, tomato powder, fermented tomato extract powder, seasoned vegetable oil and fat, carrot powder, plum powder Carrot powder, Plum powder/Emulsifier, Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Flavoring (including sesame), Acidulant, Colorant (caramel, carotenoid, red yeast), Sweetener (stevia), Spice extract
(per 100g) Energy: 513kcal, Protein: 6.4g, Fat: 26.8g, Carbohydrate: 61.5g, Salt equivalent: 0.49~1.41g