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Club Sukin Cream White Floral Bouquet Scent 30g

Club Sukin Cream White Floral Bouquet Scent 30g

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It has been renewed!

Improved usability!
The cream has been improved to make it more comfortable to use on the skin.

Improved skin clarity!
The cream of "White Floral Bouquet Fragrance" has been improved from pure white to a pale green color.

Improved moisturizing effect!
New moisturizing ingredients* have been added to improve the moist feeling.
*Marshmallow extract (Althea root extract)

Improved skin protection!
Blocks dust, cigarette smoke, PM2.5*, and other contaminants!
*Substances with a diameter of 2.5㎛ or less floating in the air

Makes bare skin look more beautiful!

This product is designed to make your skin look more beautiful! Transparent feeling after bathing
It reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone and pores, and makes your skin look a tone brighter.

No need to wash your face! No need to wash your face, you can sleep in it.
It's a skin care powder, so you don't need to wash it off!

No need to wash it off!
Moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid and collagen) protect your skin's moisture, and filtering ingredients (algae extract and osmanthus root extract) protect your skin from tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, PM2.5*, and other harmful substances.
*Substances with a diameter of 2.5㎛ or less floating in the air

Recommended for people in these situations!

People who feel embarrassed to show off their bare skin
For overnight dates and spa trips.

I want to relax.
For overnight women's parties, holidays, and long flights.

I don't want to wear foundation.
After bathing or going to the gym.

As a base for makeup.
Naturally covers pores and imperfections in the skin.

How to use

After preparing your skin with skincare, take an appropriate amount and gently blend it over your face.

Apply an appropriate amount to your face and blend gently.