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COSME DECORTÉ Phytotune Foaming Wash 200ml

COSME DECORTÉ Phytotune Foaming Wash 200ml

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A foaming facial cleanser with the blessings of ancient plants.
Dense and elastic foam for a soft and moist cleansing.

Combines the blessings of carefully selected plants. This cleanser takes care of daily problems such as lack of moisture, pores, and lack of transparency, and leads to smooth and soft skin beauty.
The pump was newly developed with a focus on the fineness of the foam. The result is a dense, cushiony foam. The foam wraps and removes even stubborn sebum dirt that causes pores to stand out.
The fine, crush-resistant foam acts as a cushion, allowing you to wash your face quickly and easily without rubbing your skin.
After washing your face, you will be left with a clear, fresh complexion and soft, glutinous skin.
Mainly contains plant-derived cleansing ingredients. Gently cleanses delicate skin prone to dryness and skin irritation.
Contains essential oils (fragrance). A fresh floral scent with a hint of sweetness and herbal spices for a fresh and clear herbal floral scent.
Stinging (skin irritation) tested (not all users may experience irritation).

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