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COVERMARK Mineral Soap

COVERMARK Mineral Soap

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Contains grape seed oil. A facial soap that cleanses and removes dirt while leaving your skin moist and smooth.
Cleanses while leaving skin moist and smooth. A facial soap containing grape seed oil.

Product Features
1. Porous charcoal and mineral powders gently absorb dead skin cells and excess keratin clogging pores. Leads to fresh and clear skin.
2. Rich and fine lather with elasticity. The cushioning effect of the foam catches dirt and grime, leaving your skin smooth and clean.
Contains grape seed oil rich in linoleic acid to moisturize skin that tends to become flaky. It provides luxurious moisture.
Streamlined shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Just roll it around to create a rich lather.
Comes in two stretch-wrapped packages for fresh use.
No fragrance or colorant added. (The color of the foam is light gray due to the charcoal content. (The color of the foam is light gray due to the charcoal content, so please be careful when using a white towel or sponge.

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