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Nameraka Honpo Haritsuya Cleansing Face Wash N 150g

Nameraka Honpo Haritsuya Cleansing Face Wash N 150g

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A facial cleanser that removes even light makeup. The dense foam gently envelops the skin, leaving it moist and supple. Contains soy milk fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient), ubiquinone (moisturizing ingredient), soybean extract (moisturizing ingredient), and soybean protein (moisturizing ingredient). It penetrates into the crevices of the stratum corneum and provides elasticity and moisture from deep within the skin.

For luxuriously chunky, glowing skin!

Contains concentrated soymilk ferment*1 and encapsulated coenzyme Q10*2 to penetrate into the stratum corneum and lead to smoother, more moisturized, and firmer skin. The encapsulated coenzyme Q10, which further supports the skin's renewal process, is a capsule that easily penetrates into the stratum corneum to provide plumpness, elasticity, and firmness from deep within the skin.

1 Isoflavones are contained in soy milk fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient). 2Ubiquinone (moisturizing ingredient)

Contains concentrated soy milk fermented liquid*!

Smooth Honpo uses soy milk fermented liquid* (moisturizing ingredient) containing isoflavone. Smooth Honpo uses isoflavone-containing soymilk fermented liquid* (moisturizing ingredient), and the "Smooth Concentration Process" ensures that the product is well moisturized but not sticky!

The soy milk fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient) contains isoflavones.

Contains coenzyme Q10*!