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DHC Medicated Retino A Essence

DHC Medicated Retino A Essence

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For fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Anti-aging skin essence

A serum formulated with the anti-aging ingredient retinol. Retinol deeply affects the production of collagen, which maintains the skin's elasticity and plumps up each cell in the stratum corneum, giving it soft elasticity and firmness.
In addition, it supports healthy skin turnover and promotes the removal of dead skin cells. While regulating the function of the skin, which tends to deteriorate, this product intensively cares for skin that is concerned about wrinkles and loose pores due to dryness.

It is fragrance-free, colorant-free, paraben-free, and contains natural ingredients.

Contains rich beauty ingredients such as olive virgin oil and placenta
In addition to retinol, DHC has added rich beauty ingredients such as olive virgin oil and placenta. It naturally protects the skin and prevents skin irritation, maximizing the effect of retinol.
In addition, its excellent moisturizing effect protects the skin from dryness, improves skin condition, and leads to younger and more vibrant skin.
It has a smooth and mellow texture that quickly penetrates the skin. This age-defying serum will make you feel like your skin is changing with each use.

Airtight tube to protect the delicate quality
Retinol is a delicate and unstable ingredient, but DHC has created a formula that works gently on the skin and is not affected by moisture or UV rays.
To maintain its superior quality, DHC has adopted an airtight tube. It can be used at any time with peace of mind.