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DHC Ponana Wash

DHC Ponana Wash

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Baking soda face wash loosens and removes sebum from pores! The goal is to have pore-free skin!

A baking soda face wash that loosens and removes sebum from pores! Pores-free skin is the goal!
This facial cleansing foam was developed for all kinds of pore problems, such as flat pores, sagging pores, and blackhead pores. The root of pore problems is excessive sebum secretion and stubborn keratin plugs, which are formed when sebum and dirt oxidize and harden in the pores. The DHC Pore Wash focuses on the functionality of baking soda as an ingredient that works against the sebum and dirt that are the root cause of these problems. While baking soda is a natural ingredient that is safe to eat, it is also effective in a variety of situations, such as cleaning off oil stains. Baking soda gently dissolves oxidized and hardened sebum stains, while its fine scrubbing action gently cleanses the skin.
It also contains brightening and botanical moisturizing ingredients that work against blackheads and dullness*1. The creamy lather gently removes dirt and grime while caring for the skin, resulting in clearer skin with less visible pores*2.

Colorless, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and contains natural ingredients.
Fruit-derived citrus mix scent (no synthetic fragrance).