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DHC Rich & Moisture Face Cream [DHC for MEN High Life].

DHC Rich & Moisture Face Cream [DHC for MEN High Life].

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A moist anti-aging cream with a rich texture that envelops the skin
DHC Rich & Moisture Face Cream is a richly textured cream that envelops the skin in non-greasy comfort and supports youthful, elastic skin.

It contains vitamin complex, tocopherol, and tocopheryl retinoate (vitamin A derivative). It helps protect the skin from damage and keeps it healthy. In addition, tiger pufferfish collagen, which dissolves easily in water and has excellent permeability, approaches the elasticity of the skin. This product moisturizes dry skin and supports skin that is concerned about the signs of aging.

Excessive sebum secretion, dryness, UV rays, shaving, and other factors can easily disrupt the skin's condition, which tends to reduce its natural barrier function and moisture retention. In addition, changes in the skin due to aging and disturbances in the living environment can cause the skin to be unstable at all times. Depending on the condition of the skin, it may be difficult to maintain the moisture provided by lotions for a long time. What is needed is a moisturizing care that keeps moisture in the skin and protects it from various stimuli. DHC Rich & Moisture Face Cream is the perfect solution.

It is fragrance-free, colorant-free, contains natural ingredients, and is paraben-free.

About [DHC for MEN High Life] series
The [DHC for MEN High Life] series is a high-end line of the DHC Men's series, which is based on the theory of men's skin and has achieved the most luxurious formulations from plant-derived ingredients to advanced functional ingredients.

<Feature 1> DHC's luxurious prescription of various functional ingredients
In addition to beauty ingredients, the series contains a wide variety of advanced ingredients that have been attracting attention in the cosmetics market, components of the skin that lead to healthy skin, and effective ingredients with high penetrating power. This luxurious formula has been realized in men's skincare.

<Feature 2> Fragrance-free, colorant-free, mild and high quality feel
Fragrance-free, colorant-free, mild feel that does not irritate the skin and adds vitality and firmness to the skin. This is a series of products that will give you a definite response.

<Feature 3> Responding to the ever-changing skin conditions of adult men
Skin conditions are constantly changing due to various damages caused by sebum, lack of moisture, aging, and UV rays. The [DHC for MEN High Life] series is a series that responds to the skin conditions of adult men.