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DMA WOOMEN Cleansing Spray 300ml

DMA WOOMEN Cleansing Spray 300ml

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Are you troubled by dirty pores?
Sebum stains, blackheads/keratin plugs, odor, grease, dullness.
The cause of these problems is that your pores are not being cleaned properly!

With WOOMEN cleansing spray, you don't need to lather up, you don't need to do anything.
It's a new type of spray face wash for men.

It is recommended for the following people
For those who are concerned about shiny skin.
If you are worried about your skin becoming shiny, or if you think it's a hassle to wash your face in the morning.
Those who don't know what to use to wash their face.
For those who are worried about the smell from sebum.
For those who are concerned about the smell of sebum. For those who have noticeable blackheads.

Use of ultra pure water
Ultrapure water is water that has been stripped of impurities to the utmost limit. It has a strong ability to dissolve substances, so it can wash away even the toughest sebum stains deep in the pores.

Beauty ingredients
Glucosyl hesperidin (skin conditioning ingredient), which contains a lot of polyphenols, arch choke leaf extract (skin conditioning ingredient), which approaches tightening and elasticity, and collagen (moisturizing ingredient).
It also contains collagen (moisturizing ingredient), sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing ingredient), and trehalose (moisturizing ingredient) to provide moisture.
It also contains deodorizing ingredients that are great for male odor! It not only removes dirt, but also eliminates the problems of men.

10 free products
This is a low-stimulus formula that can be used for a long time by men with sensitive skin. This product is free of parabens, surfactants, and other harmful ingredients.

The simple design of the gray bottle makes it an ideal gift for men!

How to use

Push the WOOMEN Cleansing Spray over your face at least 10 times. The liquid will change from clear to cloudy as it reacts with the dirt and sebum in the pores.
(If you set the attached black tray under your chin, you can see the dripping liquid turn into a cloudy white.
(If you set the black tray under your chin, you will see the liquid turn cloudy and white. There is no need to scrub your face.
(Massage lightly on areas where dirt is bothering you.
Use as a base for washing your face twice a day, morning and evening, and during the day when you feel your face is sticky. (However, please note that excessive cleansing may remove the sebum that your skin needs.

It can also be used on other parts of the face. It is especially recommended for the pores of the scalp where hair conditioner tends to remain, as well as the backs of the ears and neck where sebum tends to accumulate and cause age-related odor. The spray nozzle can be used even when the bottle is upside down to make it easy to use for the whole body.

When spraying, if there is a lot of sebum stains, the liquid will turn cloudy white, but if there is not much sebum stains, the liquid may not turn cloudy white. If you do not have a lot of sebum, the liquid may not become cloudy.
It can be used on wet skin, but you may not feel the emulsification (clouding) of the liquid.
After cleansing your face with WOOMEN Cleansing Spray, we recommend that you use a lotion or cream as you would for normal skin care.