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Dr. Ci:Labo 3D Deep Votrium Enrich Lift 18g

Dr. Ci:Labo 3D Deep Votrium Enrich Lift 18g

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A firmness care serum for the eye and mouth area.
We succeeded in blending in a high concentration of 50% of botrium*, which works on fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains the same ingredients as the Enrich Liftline, which is popular for its "golden gel". From the moment of application, the product tightens the skin and gives it a bouncy elasticity. The product blends easily into the skin for a comfortable feel and helps to maintain youthful skin.

This serum for the eye and mouth area is formulated with six botrium ingredients (*1) to intensively care for the age-prone eye and mouth area. It is a highly concentrated serum that leads to plump and firm skin. In addition, QuickLift(*2), Osilift(*3), and PolyLift®(*4) work on the surface of the skin to provide firmness. It is also recommended for the area between the eyebrows and forehead.

*1 Acetyl octapeptide-3, acetyl hexapeptide-8, hydrolyzed okra seed extract, pentapeptide-18, dipeptidyl acetate, diaminobutyloyl benzylamide, acetyl hexapeptide-30 (skin conditioning ingredient) *2 Xanthan gum crosspolymer (skin conditioning ingredient) *3 Wheat kernel extract (skin conditioning ingredient) 3 Wheat grain extract (skin conditioning ingredient) *4 Almond extract (skin conditioning ingredient) *1 Age-appropriate skincare
Fragrance-free, synthetic colorant-free, mineral oil-free (natural essential oil is used)

Directions for use

After cleansing and toning your skin, apply an appropriate amount of the product to areas where wrinkles and sagging skin are concerned by lightly tapping in with your fingers. Afterward, moisturize with Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift EX.