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Dr. Ci:Labo AQUAINDERM Introduction Essence 100ml

Dr. Ci:Labo AQUAINDERM Introduction Essence 100ml

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The red introduction serum has been renewed and its penetrating power has been improved!
A booster that can be applied just before your regular skincare routine.
Draws out the skin's natural functions and incorporates all of its beautiful ingredients.
Dr. Ci:Labo's proprietary SC nanocapsule* is an excellent beauty ingredient that works to reduce the accumulation of unwanted substances as the skin ages.
Dr. Ci:Labo's original beauty ingredient "SC nanocapsule" * approaches the accumulated unnecessary substances as the skin ages and enhances the penetration* of beauty ingredients by drawing out the skin's natural power.

How to use

Remove the overcap from the top of the container.
After cleansing your face, and before applying your regular moisturizer, dispense an appropriate amount of the product onto your hands and gently blend it into your face.
Afterward, use your regular cosmetics.
After use, please put on the overcap to prevent the contents from coming out.