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Dr. Ci:Labo Repair Oil 50ml

Dr. Ci:Labo Repair Oil 50ml

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A new kind of beauty oil of natural origin!
By creating a veil of oil, Repair Oil protects your skin from various damages caused by dryness, protects, moisturizes, replenishes (oil), and makes your skin shiny and full of moisture.

It can be used throughout the year, not just during the dry season.
The light feeling of the oil blends naturally into the skin, and the veil of oil acts as a natural protective film to protect the skin, locking moisture inside the skin and making it soft and supple.
Replenishing oil, it maintains the balance between moisture and oil, preventing dryness and skin irritation.

Directions for use

Use on face, body, hair, and all-over! There are many ways to use it.

In the morning, apply before gel or cream to prevent makeup from falling off.
Apply after gel or cream for wrapping effect.

In the morning before applying Aqua-Collagen-Gel, or at night after applying Aqua-Collagen-Gel, apply an appropriate amount (1 push for the entire face) to the palm of a hand and blend into the skin.
Gently smooth and massage the product into your skin, then wrap your palm around your face to blend.

For partial application, use the palm of your hand to massage in a circular motion.

Special Care] - Elegant moment in the bath: Oil pack
After washing your face, apply Repair Oil to your entire face and soak in the bathtub while applying steam.
After a while, wash it off with lukewarm water (or wash your face if it bothers you).

Your skin will feel soft and supple.

For hips, arms, legs, stomach, thighs, and calves.
For best results, warm an appropriate amount in your hands after bathing when your skin is soft.

Massage lightly into each area.

Special care] - Easy body rinse in the bath
This product can be used as a body rinse after washing off the body.

After towel-drying, dispense an appropriate amount of oil onto the palm of the hand and rub it into the hair, focusing on the ends.
Apply to dry hair. It can also be used on dry hair.

It is recommended to apply thinly and evenly.