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FANCL Whitening Essence <Quasi-drug> 18mL x 2 bottles

FANCL Whitening Essence 18mL x 2 bottles

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A medicated whitening serum that blocks melanin from the "beginning of blemishes" before they appear. It quickly penetrates the skin and leads to clear, white skin.
Active Vitamin C, which maximizes the whitening power of vitamin C, delivers vitamin C, which is easily oxidized, deep into the skin to work continuously. In addition, "Melanobright" and "White Grape Fermentation Extract" approach the melanin that accumulates deep in the skin as you age! Add to your daily care routine for dewy, clear skin.

Usage and Dosage

Application Order Face wash ⇒ Toner ⇒ Essence ⇒ Mask ⇒ Milky lotion
Freshness period Unopened: within 1 year, Opened: within 60 days