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Kanebo freeplus Moist Care Emulsion 2 (moist type) 100ml

Kanebo freeplus Moist Care Emulsion 2 (moist type) 100ml

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Moist Care Line Moisturizing Emulsion

A moisturizing milky lotion that keeps the stratum corneum smooth with a veil of moisture, beautifying and protecting the skin's texture.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Contains 6 kinds of mixed extracts of Japanese and Chinese plants< Moisturizing
(Licorice, Chingpi, Tungin, Yokuin*1, Kanzo Yoh, Senkyuu)

Contains Niacin B*2 for keratin protection> (Tansou, Chimpi, Tounin, Yokuin*1, Kanzouyou, Senkyou)

1:Jujudama extract

No fragrance or colorant.
No alcohol (ethanol) added.
No UV absorbers added
No mineral oil added
Low acidity
Allergy tested, patch tested*3, and sting tested*4.
Allergy tests, patch tests*3, and stinging tests*4 have been conducted, but this does not mean that allergy, skin problems, or irritation will not occur in all people.

3: A patch test is a method of testing cosmetics by applying them to the skin.

4: Stinging test is a test to check for irritation such as tingling or burning.