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Fujifilm Corporation ASTALIFT Moist Lotion 130ml

Fujifilm Corporation ASTALIFT Moist Lotion 130ml

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For beautiful skin full of freshness, elasticity, and radiance

CL Refresher®(*1), a unique ingredient, clears damage inside the skin(*2). CL REFRESHER®(*1) clears up damage inside the skin(*2), filling every part of the skin with moisture and making it easier for serums and creams to penetrate.

*1 CL REFRESHER® is a proprietary complex ingredient(*3) consisting of nano-vitamin Ax(*3), a combination of vitamin A (retinol palmitate)(*3), and astaxanthin(*4), and collagen peptide (hydrolyzed collagen)(*3).
(*2) Up to stratum corneum.
*3 Moisturizing ingredients.
*4 Hematococcus Pluvialis oil (moisturizing ingredient)