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Fujifilm Corporation ASTALIFT WHITE BRIGHT Lotion 130ml

Fujifilm Corporation ASTALIFT WHITE BRIGHT Lotion 130ml

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The complex ingredient "nano-AMA+" (*1) treats dullness (*4)
Dull (*4) skin can greatly affect the impression of your skin. Nano-AMA+ (*1), a complex of nano-AMA (*2) and ferulic acid (*3), a rice-derived ingredient, treats dullness (*4) and makes your skin radiant and moisturized.
*1 Nano-AMA+ is a unique complex ingredient(*3) consisting of nano-AMA(*2) and ferulic acid(*3). *2 Hypericum perforatum extract (moisturizing ingredient) *3 Moisturizing ingredients *4 Skin impression caused by dryness, etc.

Moisturizing texture
The moisturizing texture can be used comfortably throughout the year.

The enchanting and pleasant scent of damask rose
Damask rose, the most fragrant of all roses is used. Every time you cleanse, the sweet and noble fragrance spreads, creating a pleasant moment.