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ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion (Refill) [Quasi-drug] 130mL

ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion (Refill) [Quasi-drug] 130mL

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<A highly functional whitening lotion with "collagen care" that focuses not only on blemishes but also on "dullness" that affects the skin's impression.
The unique ingredient "Nano AMA+" freshens and conditions the stratum corneum while creating a pathway for moisture to enter the skin, inviting you to achieve radiant, whitening skin.
The scent of damask rose envelops you in a feeling of well-being every time you cleanse.

Whitening means suppressing the production of melanin and preventing spots and freckles.

How to replace refills
Remove the temporary cap (translucent) from the new container.
Remove the pump part from the used container, and attach it to the new container and close it tightly.

The pump part is not included, so you cannot use this product alone.
If you are using it for the first time, please purchase ASTALIFT WHITE BRIGHT Lotion with a pump.