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Glico Almond Glico 18 grains x 10 packs

Glico Almond Glico 18 grains x 10 packs

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When you put it in your mouth without taking a bite, you get the caramel flavor, and when you bite into the California almonds, you get the wonderful aroma. Almond Glico gives you two tastes in one.


Water candy, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, vegetable oil and fat, almonds, whey cheese, soy protein, salt, processed starch, Ca carbonate, emulsifier, (contains wheat)

Nutrition Facts

Per 1 bag (standard 74g)
Energy ... 318kcal
Protein ... 3.1g
Fat ... 9.8g
Carbohydrate ... 54.4g
Sodium ... 91mg