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Glico BREOSUPER <Clear Mint> 14 grains

Glico BREOSUPER 14 grains

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For breath care every morning! Tongue brushing tablet! Focusing on tongue moss that forms on the surface of the tongue. Breo is a mouth freshener that combines taste and function. The secret of BLEO is that it is not only delicious. This is why you can care for your tongue and clean your breath. (1) Large tablets make it easy to remove lichen from the tongue surface! (2) Three types of sugars make the surface of the tablet smooth. (3) Contains kiwi powder and erythritol. (3) Contains kiwi powder and erythritol. (4) Comes in a slim tablet case, making it easy to carry and allowing you to care for your tongue anytime, anywhere. Contains 1.3 times more enzymes than conventional tablets.

Nutritional Information
Energy 49Kcal0Fat 0.3gCarbohydrate 11.5g0 per product (standard 12g)