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Glico CRATZ Edamame x 10 pcs set

Glico CRATZ Edamame x 10 pcs set

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Crispy and crunchy, with the flavor of edamame.
This is a snack made with ingredients that are often used as snacks.
The crispy, savory texture and rich flavor of edamame will keep your drinks tasting good. The hard texture has been revised and improved to make it easier for the flavor to seep out when chewed.
Almonds are added to the mix for a change in taste and texture.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, dried potatoes (non-genetically modified), almonds, shortening, starch, edamame powder, wheat protein, chicken extract powder, vegetable extract seasoning, salt, sugar, kelp extract powder/ trehalose, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), flavoring, emulsifier Gardenia color, (Contains dairy ingredients, wheat, soybeans, chicken, pork, gelatin, sesame)