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Glico Pocky Goddess Ruby (6 bags)

Glico Pocky Goddess Ruby (6 bags)

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This is a slightly luxurious "special pocky" with a mature sweetness, made to go well with red wine.
Pretzels with a rich taste of cheese and spices kneaded into the dough are coated with rich bitter chocolate with a gorgeous berry aroma.
Cheddar cheese, black pepper, and cloves are kneaded into the pretzel dough and baked.
The bitter chocolate is flavored with three kinds of berries for a gorgeous taste.
Please enjoy the aroma of chocolate when you open the package.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable oil, cheese powder, whole milk powder, wheat protein, shortening, salt, yeast, cocoa butter, cloves, pepper/emulsifier, seasoning (inorganic salt), flavoring, leavening agent, (contains dairy ingredients, wheat, soybeans)