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Glico Tomato Pretz

Glico Tomato Pretz

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Bright red tomatoes and green vegetables
Crispy, savory pretzels with the flavor of tomatoes and green vegetables.
The convenient sachet type makes it easy to enjoy when you are a little hungry.
As a snack for children or as a snack for fathers, enjoy the light and crispy taste anytime and anywhere.

Usage and Dosage

Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.


Flour, vegetable oil and fat, shortening, tomato paste, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable paste, yeast, onion seasoning, salt, celery extract, dried spinach, dextrin, yeast extract, seasoning (inorganic salt, etc.), polysaccharide thickener, emulsifier, flavoring, acidulant, spice extract, (contains milk ingredients and soybeans)

Products containing eggs are produced on this product line.

Nutritional Information

Per bag
Energy ... 77kcal
Protein ... 1.4g
Fat ... 3.4g
Carbohydrate ... 10.1g
Sodium ... 99mg

Salt equivalent ... 0.3g