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Goki Foods /  Kumamon no Kumamoto Ramen

Goki Foods / Kumamon no Kumamoto Ramen

Goki Foods
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Noodles: Straight 22-corner noodles, typical of Kumamoto ramen. The noodles have a moderate crunchiness and smoothness that goes well with the pork bone soup.
Soup: A powdered pork bone soup based on pork extract combined with the flavor of chicken bones and spices. The black marinade flavored with burnt garlic added as an optional ingredient enhances the savory garlic flavor that is characteristic of Kumamoto Ramen.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Flour: Australia, U.S.A., etc. Noodles (wheat flour, salt), salt, animal and vegetable fats, meat extracts (pork, chicken), spices, soy sauce powder, sugar, yeast extract, protein hydrolysate/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), brine, caramel color, gardenia color, antioxidant (vitamin E) Pork, chicken, soybeans, sesame)