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HABA HERBAR Medicated VC Lotion 180mL

HABA HERBAR Medicated VC Lotion 180mL

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Medicated whitening lotion that prevents blemishes, rough skin and dryness.
This medicated VC lotion is popular for its high moisturizing, penetrating, and sustaining power. Vitamin P2 is added to effective ingredients such as vitamin C, an active ingredient for whitening. It helps brighten dull skin caused by dryness and irregular texture.
*1 Suppresses melanin production to prevent sun spots and freckles, *2 Moisturizing ingredient

This product is designed to be less sticky and a little lighter to use throughout the year. The moisturizing power remains the same and supports the work of the active ingredients. We have also focused on a gentle feel so that people with sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind.

Trade Name]HABA Medicated VC Lotion II